Website Accessibility Compliance for Banking and Financial Institutions in Four Easy Steps

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If you are in receipt of a legal demand letter or are looking to take a proactive approach to ensure accessibility, this whitepaper is for you.

By following these four basic steps, businesses can, in the most cost-effective and efficient way, begin fixing issues of accessibility that can have a big impact on their users and even exclude people from attaining full access.

Across the country, thousands of businesses and organizations, large and small, are facing disability lawsuits claiming ADA Title III violations.

Have you heard about the massive influx of legal demand letters being served to banking and financial institutions across the U.S? Perhaps you have already found yourself on the receiving end of one of these complaints and are trying to understand what steps to take in order to address the issue? On the other hand, perhaps you are simply looking to stay ahead of the issue by reducing exposure and addressing issues of Accessibility, head-on.

Providing full access is the RIGHT THING TO DO, but it is also GOOD FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS, which makes it GREAT FOR BUSINESS.

The subject of these legal complaints and lawsuits, i.e. ADA Title III violations, are related to Web Accessibility, which is about providing equal access to web environments for people with disabilities. For many, the web is broken. If not coded properly, a website may not work for all users, in particular for users of Assistive Technology (AT), such as a screen reader.

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