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  • Patented AI | 3x more fixes than the nearest competitor
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ADA Accessibility

How does your website rank?

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ADA Accessibility

How does your website rank?

You will get your first AudioEye Accessibility Score the moment you sign up. From then on, AudioEye continues to provide you a clear and actionable score quantifying your risk and identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • Accessibility Score backed by 15+ years of expertise
Verified and proven by billions of webpages tested

Best-In-Class AI Technology

Two accessibility scores, one before AudioEye at 61/100 and one after one day with AudioEye at 94/100

Best-In-Class AI Technology

AudioEye's patented technology tests for over 400 accessibility and compliance issues, and can fix the majority of these issues automatically.

  • AI improves Accessibility Score by up to 25 points on day one

Easy Install Using Google Tag Manager

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Easy Install Using Google Tag Manager

Certified ADA accessibility compliance and WCAG conformance made easy with Google Tag Manager & dozens of CMS integrations.

Protection From Lawsuits On Day 1

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    Digital accessibility lawsuits filed in 2020 (23% increase from 2019)

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    Day 1

    Legal protection with AudioEye's unique, hybrid solution

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    Successful legal defense achieved by AudioEye customers

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