Are You Shooting Your Site in its Proverbial Foot?

From B2C - Business to Community - Website accessibility has been overlooked for too long

What You Need to Know

  • The overall state of website accessibility in 2016 is pretty dire. Many sites lack even the most basic accessibility features
  • Why would you deny anyone the right to view your site? Because by ignoring website accessibility, that’s essentially what you’re doing


From B2C - Business to Community

Eric Seal

January 30 2016

Becoming 508 compliant is something we should all aspire to achieve. The web is used by everyone—by young teens and aging folks alike. The blind, injured, and disabled use the web too. And they’re using the web across a variety of devices. As mobile and other new search methods continue to rise, it’s become increasingly important to ensure your site can be accessed anywhere—and by anyone...

If you alienate users by making your site inaccessible, whether intentionally or not, you are shooting your site in its proverbial foot.

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