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American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III Lawsuits Being Filed at Record Pace

Fifteen percent of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. Seventy-five percent of that population uses computers or digital devices. Digital Accessibility is about people, a lot of people. It is about their right to access all of the information in the digital world and to use digital tools to lead a happier and more […]

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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)!

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). All over the world, technology pros and disability advocates will come together to further the discussion about how we can promote inclusivity through technology. What started with a Blog post in 2011, is now a global movement to raise awareness about an issue that to many of us […]

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Inclusive Art Requires Accessibility

A recent study by the UK-based organization, Attitude is Everything, found that 82% of music lovers with disabilities surveyed had difficulties booking tickets to live music events. More than 73% felt discriminated against in the process, and 79% of respondents said they wound up not buying tickets at all due to accessibility issues. The survey […]

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Q&A with Todd Bankofier on the USBLN Rising Leaders Mentoring Program

The USBLN Rising Leaders Mentoring Program is a six month career mentoring opportunity that pairs at least 200 college students and recent graduates with disabilities with business professionals from USBLN partner companies. The USBLN (US Business Leadership Network) unites business around disability inclusion in the workplace, and provides various tools and programs to bridge inclusive companies […]

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Accessibility, Predatory Lawsuits and the Real Issue

Recently, our AudioEye team attended the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego. CSUN is the largest international conference on assistive technology. The conference brings together participants from across the industry, everyone from makers of talking pill boxes, to our colleagues at Level Access, Siteimprove, ADA Site Compliance, and the accessibility teams from Microsoft and […]

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100 Days at AudioEye: Moving Forward

In January, I began to share what I thought would be an adventure encompassing my first 100 days with AudioEye. I quickly realized the journey is much longer and deeper than 100 days, which is obvious since I am now 185 days into this adventure with no recent post. Since my first post, the company […]

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100 Days at AudioEye: 60-Day Check-In

Manual & Automated Accessibility Testing, a Match Made in Heaven The implementation process for many AudioEye clients is a 100 Day Journey. There are many milestones that are reached along this journey, and an important one happens around day 60. This is when we have completed a majority of accessibility remediations and the site graduates […]

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100 days at AudioEye: One Month Check-In

Technology, as viewed through the lens of my new colleagues at AudioEye, is limitless. This mindset has been the most consistent theme across my first few weeks on the team. It rings true as I continually learn more about the company, and is an essential belief held by everyone at AudioEye. As I complete my […]

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AudioEye: Not Just Another Overlay

Oftentimes, one company’s messaging can translate to a number of other industries, and I have to tell you that seeing those really clever LifeLock television commercials recently draws parallels to the current landscape of digital accessibility. You may know the commercials I am talking about, they go something like: Dentist: “David you have one of […]

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