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AudioEye (In-House Experts + Industry-Leading Automation)

Consultative Auditing (Level Access, Deque, and others)


Hybrid solution combining expert human audits and automation

Primarily automation, with limited or outsourced manual audits

Manual audits only, with no automation offerings


WCAG 2.2, ADA, Section 508, AODA, and others

Not fully compliant due to inability to test for every WCAG criteria

Compliance depends on how recently remediations took place

Lawsuit Prevention

AudioEye customers are 4x less likely to receive a valid legal claim

174 of 255 legal claims deemed to be valid after AudioEye’s analysis

47 of 63 legal claims deemed to be valid after AudioEye’s analysis

Legal & Monitory Support

Custom legal response, industry-best payout, and ongoing support

$1 million warranty with fine print criteria

Do not offer any guarantee or warranty


Continuously finds and fixes violations including dynamic and subjective content

Runs once every 24 hours but has limited reach, unable to scan content behind logins or paywalls

No automation, which results in slower delivery, limited coverage, and more expensive services

Manual Audits

In-house certified experts for auditing and remediation

Limited auditing that is outsourced with no remediation support

Selective auditing available, but no remediation support

Depth of Coverage

Every single page a user visits

35% of most pages

Select pages that were audited

End-User Support

24/7 support for your customers with disabilities

No support, leaving you to handle your customer’s customers

No support, leaving you to handle your customer’s customers

Competitive data on this page was collected as of November 1, 2023 and is subject to change or update. AudioEye does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

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Why AudioEye

Experts + Automation makes all the difference

  • Find and fix more accessibility issues

    Unlike automation-only solutions, we pair automated testing and remediation with human experts who can identify accessibility issues that automation alone cannot detect. It’s a more complete approach to digital accessibility — and the only way to be truly compliant.

  • Scale your accessibility efforts

    Consultants can provide a detailed summary of your site’s accessibility, but they’re slow, expensive, and rarely able to fix issues themselves. Our AI-based automation can remediate many common accessibility issues, freeing our human experts to handle the most complex issues for you.

  • Expert legal support, if you need it

    Our team has analyzed and refuted over 1200 frivolous claims against customers since 2022 — and we provide real coverage for each page we guarantee, should a legitimate violation result in legal cost.

The Proof Is In the Rulings

A man and a woman shaking hands at a desk. There are shields with the AudioEye logo on them floating in the background.

The Proof Is In the Rulings

AudioEye customers using our full suite of AI-based automation and expert audits are 67% less likely to face a valid lawsuit claim, compared to other industry solutions.

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While many make these claims, AudioEye's world-class technology paired with certified accessibility and legal experts make them stand out as a partner that we can trust."

Ian Goldman

CEO and President at Celerant Technology

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