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AudioEye and accessiBe both offer automated accessibility testing and remediation. So what makes AudioEye the industry’s leading solution for digital accessibility and compliance? Expert human testers who can identify accessibility issues that automation alone cannot detect.

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Why do teams switch from accessiBe to AudioEye?



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Hybrid solution combining in-house expertise and audits with industry-leading automation

Primarily automation, with outsourced manual audits

Manual Audits

In-depth manual audits, with custom-coded fixes or prescriptive guidance for internal development teams

Cursory manual audits, with no issue remediation and generic observations delivered via spreadsheet


Supports large, complex, enterprise websites with dynamic content and custom functionality

Out-of-the-box solution that only supports small websites built on simple platforms

Lawsuit Prevention

AudioEye customers are 4x less likely to receive a valid legal claim

35% of legal claims deemed to be valid after AudioEye’s analysis

Litigation Support

Dedicated legal team will meet with you and provide documentation to help invalidate nuisance claims.

Litigation support is limited to email communication with support staff

Legal Guarantee

Custom legal response, industry-best payout, and ongoing support

Legal guarantee only paid out to customers who lose a lawsuit, but accessiBe settles every lawsuit


Continuously finds and fixes violations including dynamic and subjective content

Runs once every 24 hours but has limited reach, unable to scan content behind logins or paywalls

Depth of Coverage

Every single page a user visits is covered with AudioEye’s accessibility solution

35% of most pages will have coverage, leaving the rest of your pages inaccessible

End-User Support

24/7 support for customers with disabilities who cannot access something on your website

No support, leaving you to handle every support ticket from customers with disabilities


First to innovate, holding 20+ U.S. Patents

No patents

Competitive data on this page was collected as of November 1, 2023 and is subject to change or update. AudioEye does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

True accessibility and compliance requires Experts + Automation

Automation-only solutions can identify many common accessibility violations, but some WCAG criteria cannot be reliably tested with automation alone. That’s why we offer expert human testing to help fill those gaps, providing you with a complete view of your site’s accessibility.

What Can Automated Tools Not Test?

What Can Automated Tools Not Test?

Dynamic Content

Automated tools cannot detect accessibility violations on page elements that are triggered by user inputs, such as error messages on input fields.

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Their product is great, but most importantly their customer support is second to none. We have never worked with another ADA service that helps mutual customers and really takes the burden off of our company.

Tim M

Director of Operations

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You’re not fully compliant with automation alone. Learn how AudioEye can get you there — and why accessiBe cannot.

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