Why businesses are choosing AudioEye over accessibility consultants

Today’s compliance requires efficiency and speed. AudioEye delivers best-in-class web accessibility by combining automation with expert support, saving you up to 80% of what consultants would charge you.

We do it for you

Two checklist icons, one short and completed by AudioEye and another to-do list that is very long and incomplete by consultants

We do it for you

Consultants give you a list of to-dos and leave your developers to it, while we fix most accessibility issues for you without the need for developers. Imagine if an exterminator came to your house and just pointed out all the bugs, without getting rid of them?

Time and money savings

Two icons, one with a fast clock and a couple coins by AudioEye and another stack of calendar months and stacks of dollar bills by consultants

Time and money savings

Consultants often charge over $10,000 for just a website audit, plus hourly rates for development and support. Our technology resolves common errors and experts fix complex ones: we simply do much more for thousands less.

US-based expert support

Two icons, one website with checkmarks and a customer service person by AudioEye and another website full of accessibility by consultants

US-based expert support

From custom accessibility fixes to robust legal support, we offer expert services for your needs, including Dedicated Account Management, Online Training, and a US-based 24/7 Help Desk.

Peace of mind

Two icons, one website with a moving scanner day and night by AudioEye and another stack of reports and checklists by consultants

Peace of mind

Consultants provide expensive tools and licenses that cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and their audits become outdated the moment you make a change on your website. We include all our software tools in every plan while continuously monitoring and fixing errors for you as you make changes, providing everything you need in a compliance plan.

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AudioEye's world-class technology paired with certified accessibility and legal experts make them stand out as a partner that we can trust.”

Ian Goldman

CEO and President at Celerant Technology

What AudioEye offers vs. consultants

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8 Compliance must-haves

WCAG-based manual audit

WCAG-based manual audit is included with managed
WCAG-based manual audit is included with enterprise

Accessibility training

Accessibility training is included with managed
Accessibility training is included with enterprise

Custom fixes

Custom fixes is included with managed

Ongoing automated testing

Ongoing automated testing is included with managed

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting is included with managed

Legal compliance plan

Legal compliance plan is included with managed

24/7 Help Desk

24/7 Help Desk is included with managed

Free fixes for reported issues

Free fixes for reported issues is included with managed

Estimated cost

Based on a typical business website with 10-12 unique page templates


~$25,000 / year

Bi-annual expert audit: Included
Tools and licenses: Included
Developer work: minimal — we build custom fixes for you

Consulting solutions

~$100,000 / year

Bi-annual manual audit: $20,000
Tools and licenses: $30,000
Developer work: $50,000 — est. 50% of a developer’s time

Trusted by over 76,000 customers. Forward-looking companies choose AudioEye to gain compliance, manage risk, and grow revenue. We work with organizations of all sizes, including digital agencies, governments, and technology partners.

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