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First and foremost, AudioEye is a technology company. We serve businesses committed to providing equal access to their online content. Transforming how the world experiences digital content, AudioEye solves issues of accessibility and enhances the user experience for the broadest audience possible.

AudioEye leads with patented technology and proprietary processes that provide the ideal balance of automated and engineering generated solutions to ensure websites are accessible and in compliance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements. AudioEye works in the background to continually monitor sites, identify accessibility issues and resolve them immediately.

We don’t simply identify issues and tell our clients what needs to be fixed. That would be the equivalent of going to the dentist and learning you have a broken tooth … that’s it. No fix, just the information.

AudioEye identifies issues of accessibility and fixes them, and makes sure they stay fixed through ongoing monitoring and technology-based products and services.

AudioEye (AEYE) is a publicly traded company.

Learn more at: https://www.audioeye.com/tag/investors/

AudioEye was founded and is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. We also have offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC, with representatives located in Boston, Massachusetts, Chicago, Illinois, Colorado Springs, Colorado, New York, New York, and San Francisco, California.

The company was founded with a deep commitment to making websites accessible to individuals relying on the use of Assistive Technologies. As the most demanding are screen readers – devices that convert the visual to audio – the name “AudioEye” made sense. However, it is much bigger than that – it is about all the senses and ensuring that whether it be sound, sight or touch, or even cognition, that every individual, regardless of their individual ability, has access to an equal experience online – we think of it as leveling the playing field for everyone.

Our goal is to transform how the world experience digital content by providing every enterprise the technology needed to make their interfaces more usable. To achieve this, at our core are the following values:

People First: We believe that focusing on people first cultivates intellect, inspires innovation, and fosters success. Our passion for people builds a culture of trust and dedication that enriches lives.

Inclusive Design: We like to think big, and encourage our clients to do the same. We recognize human diversity as our greatest asset, and build solutions that are inclusive of the needs of all people, with a special emphasis on accessibility.

Inspired Problem-Solving: We celebrate fresh, agile thinking that opens doors to a world of possibilities. We encourage our team members to take risks, try new solutions and challenge the status quo – it’s at the very core of everything we do.

Relentless Empathy: We make a deliberate effort to appreciate people. Every day we turn that insight into action...improving the user experience of digital products, the customer experience of our partners, and the work experience of our team.

Lasting Impact: Legacy is measured by outcomes that result from hard work, thoughtful application, and commitment to a cause. So, we are intentional about performance – overcoming short-term obstacles without ever losing sight of the future we seek to create.

Pervasive Leadership: We take risks and hoist our flag to lead the market towards a more usable digital world, and we will never cease in that effort. It is this commitment that will leave a lasting impact for our future generations, regardless of circumstance.

AudioEye offers solutions for website and PDF accessibility. We also help schools for K12 and higher education manage how they respond to violations from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. AudioEye publishes more than one billion remediations daily on thousands of sites for nearly 500 businesses.

Our offerings range from self-service to turnkey managed solutions. At the core of AudioEye, is the Digital Accessibility Platform (DAP), this powerful tool empowers auditors, designers, and developers to understand issues of accessibility and improve website infrastructure thorough the use of an innovative and easy-to-use interface.

The Ally Managed Service pairs our Digital Accessibility Platform with a team of subject matter experts, remediation engineers and manual testers to ensure a site is in compliance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements and conformant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. In addition, the Ally Manages Service includes the Ally Toolbar, which is cloud-based assistive technology that is embedded into our clients’ websites to provide all users with an enhanced and customizable experience for better consumption of digital content.

Learn more about the range of our products, services and custom solutions at https://www.audioeye.com/products/

The Digital Accessibility Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS), is an API-first technology which contains a full set of rich application programming interfaces that allow developers to integrate accessibility testing with their current, preferred testing tools and existing development processes.

The Digital Accessibility Platform offers end-to-end compliance auditing with the ability to spider, scan, and diagnose entire websites, single blocks of code, content delivered via API, and much more, all while offering flexible resources for proper identification and remediation of the detected issues.

Ally Managed Services provide complete digital accessibility compliance auditing and resolution. Through the Ally Managed Service an ideal mix of leading-edge technology and service, AudioEye provides end-to-end digital accessibility compliance testing, resolution, validation and monitoring.

This turnkey solution simplifies the process for clients and partners with subject matter experts that decrease or eliminate your learning curve on digital accessibility, technology that provides unmatched speed to compliance, and a team of engineers and manual testers that ensure issues of accessibility are fixed and stay fixed. AudioEye is an only-of-its-kind technology-based solution with six patents granted and four patents pending.

Learn more at: https://www.audioeye.com/ally/

The AudioEye Web Personalization Tools, or Ally Toolbar, allows organizations to provide their site visitors with a fully customizable user experience that is tailored to their individual needs, regardless of their device type, language preference, or preferred method of access. This goes beyond accessibility to enhance usability and inclusivity for the largest audience possible.

Complying with Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is about fixing digital experiences for end-users leveraging their own assistive technology. While this addresses an important need, and should be the focus of any organization, a much larger demographic of users (many of whom do not self-identify - or report - themselves as having a disability or impairment) may benefit from the availability of free user-friendly tools that allow them to customize and optimize their digital experience.

The World Health Organization estimates that between 15% - 20% of the world’s population is disabled. This means more than 1 billion people worldwide are impeded from equal access to digital content. The Ally Toolbar addresses the needs of people including those with low vision, dyslexia, color blindness, and a range of vision, auditory, mobility and cognitive disabilities.

No! The Ally Toolbar was designed for those that perhaps to not have access to their own AT devices or do not require AT for access to a website, but have impediments to the consumption of digital content – such as dyslexia, learning disabilities, seizures or color-blindness, low vision or the range of disabilities that may impact their ability to fully consume digital content.

The Ally Toolbar allows all users to customize and/or enhance their experience so they consume digital content in the manner that is most effective for them

AT perceives the Ally Toolbar as an element of the website, which may be engaged or ignored.

Separate from the Ally Toolbar, AudioEye’s Remediation Technology makes websites accessible. By its nature, an accessible site interacts seamlessly with AT allowing the user to fully engage and interact with the stie without barriers that may limit or impede full access.

AT is dependent on the specific needs of the user. For example, when person who is blind accesses an accessible website using their screen reader, their AT will provide the content audibly and they will have full control over the user experience using their keyboard. As another example, if the person is low vision, their AT will magnify the site as long as the website has been made accessible.

If you are accessing an AudioEye-enabled website using AT, the website has been optimized (or is in the process of being optimized) to ensure full access and usability. In any case, an AT user can engage the Ally Toolbar through their AT, however, it would not be necessary.Learn more about the benefits of engaging the Ally Toolbar.

AudioEye provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables digital content providers to create experiences that are more accessible, and more usable, for more people.

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