Website Accessibility Compliance for School Districts and Education Institutions

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If you are in receipt of a complaint from the Office of Civil Rights or are looking to take a proactive approach to ensure accessibility, this whitepaper is for you.

Oftentimes, OCR investigations and advocacy-driven legal complaints result in settlement (or resolution) agreements that outline various requirements and specifications for becoming compliant with Federal standards. This whitepaper seeks to outline the many shared consistencies that are commonly found in OCR settlement agreements and details the specific requirements and corrective actions (or steps) that districts and education institutions must adhere to and take in order to properly avoid (or address) OCR investigations.

Across the country, hundreds of school districts and education institutions, large and small, are facing disability lawsuits claiming ADA Title II violations.

Seattle Public Schools Selects AudioEye to Provide Web and Technology Accessibility Services” - PR Newswire

The subject of these legal complaints and lawsuits, i.e. ADA Title II violations, are related to Web Accessibility, which is about providing equal access to web environments for people with disabilities. For many, the web is broken. If not coded properly, a website may not work for all users, in particular for users of Assistive Technology (AT), such as a screen reader.

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AudioEye provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables digital content providers to create experiences that are more accessible, and more usable, for more people.

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