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AudioEye unites industry-leading technology with a hands-on approach. Why? The reality is that automation alone isn't enough. Don’t be fooled, a toolbar-only solution doesn't make your site accessible. AudioEye combines powerful machine learning technology with the know-how of certified digital accessibility experts.

We scan millions of web pages and resolve billions of errors each day. Our scanner screens against more WCAG standards than our closest competitors. Leaving no stone unturned, we manually test our work with assistive technology by people who rely on assistive technology. Our solution is always-on and we can certify your compliance. Are you ready to get started?

AudioEye Toolbar

Visitors can personalize your site with our Visual Toolkit and report accessibility issues with Help Desk. Our keyboard-friendly site and page elements menu provide additional support too, and are included as standard with the AudioEye Toolbar.

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Builder Tool

Site-specific reports list your site's specific WCAG errors. Customers can now use our on-site, easy-to-use Builder Tool that guides you through fixing them.

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AudioEye Admin Dashboard

The AudioEye Admin Dashboard provides you with accessibility reports and helpful resources. You can identify and fix your WCAG errors on your own using our Builder Tool, or outsource the work to our team.

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Ease and expertise of AudioEye

Every time you refresh copy or add content to your site, are you also ensuring it's accessible? Do you have the team to manage any WCAG errors? Digital accessibility compliance can be overwhelming. But not for us. Simply install a single line of code and our expert team and technology take over. We manage the work and the risk. You rest easy knowing your site is ADA compliant.

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