Are Your Clients' Websites
Excluding Millions?

They Are If Digital Accessibility Is Not Built-in

Be the Solution Your Clients Need

The only technology-first web accessibility solution, AudioEye
provides a simple and cost-effective path to digital accessibility,
greater inclusivity, and enhanced usability.

AudioEye leads with technology to help companies achieve and maintain digital accessibility in compliance with ADA-related requirements.

More importantly, we make digital content more accessible, and more usable, for more people.

88.5% / 287 million Americans use the Internet on a daily basis

Source: Internet Live Statistics 2016

12.8% of Americans live with some form of disability

Source: Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics 2017 Disability Statistics Annual Report

Contact us to learn how our technology-first managed solution can simplify the path to accessibility for you and your clients.

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