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Your Clients Require Accessibility.
Be their solution.

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You already know accessibility is a “thing.” It’s here, it’s required and it could differentiate your platform. Talk to our Strategic Partnership Team and learn how AudioEye integrates with CMS platforms.

Content Management Systems face unique challenges in delivering accessibility to their clients. We get it. AudioEye partners with some of the world’s leading CMS platforms to offer their clients sustainable and scalable accessibility solutions. In fact, AudioEye publishes more than one billion remediation fixes daily on thousands of sites for more than 800 customers.

Whether you need to offer add-on accessibility or require full integration, AudioEye is the only technology-based solution that is end-to-end.

AudioEye Partnership Opportunities are breaking all the rules.
With AudioEye, Accessibility is:
Not complicated. It’s Easy!
Not expensive. It’s Affordable!
Not inconvenient. It’s an Opportunity!

Build accessibility in. Differentiate your platform.

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what our clients have to say

“We took a hard look at the marketplace seeking the most inclusive solution for our customers. Like Simpleview, AudioEye is truly unique in the marketplace. We both deliver our customers best-in-class technology solutions backed by service personnel that are Subject Matter Experts and leaders in their field. With AudioEye, our digital inclusion strategy has been fortified.”

Ryan George
Chief Executive Officer at Simpleview

You do you.
We’ll do a11y.

AudioEye’s leading edge technology and end-to-end Ally Managed Service offers an alternative path to addressing digital accessibility.