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  • An introduction to accessibility: Part 1

    By Adam Soucie (May 3, 2017)

    • "Web accessibility is really about a user’s ability to access your site’s content, regardless of any physical or mental impairments."
    • "A truly accessible website is inclusive of every potential user. It covers differential abilities of all shapes, sizes, and permanence. Users who are blind have their own needs, as do users with a broken hand. There’s also overlap among accessibility groups. Users experiencing concussion symptoms can benefit from features designed to make a piece of content more accessible for users who experience seizures. Accessibility is a multi-faceted topic."
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  • Working group established to understand, address needs of people with disabilities

    by Erin Zagursky (May 8, 2017)

    • "A group of faculty, administrators and students began work this semester to identify and address issues affecting people with disabilities on the William & Mary campus."
    • "Along with faculty and student representatives, the group of about 20 includes administrators who have expertise in relevant areas, such as accessibility services and facilities design and maintenance."
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  • Digital Inclusion: How the Section 508 Standards Can Impact Your Organization

    By Amisha K. Manek (May 19, 2017)

    • "As more everyday activity migrates to digital technologies and the internet, a wave of new lawsuits are testing the boundaries of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the digital world."
    • "The rapid proliferation of website accessibility claims under the ADA has sensitized public and private sector organizations to other potential claims associated with their use of the internet and information technologies to communicate with their customers, exhibit their products, effectuate online transactions and offer benefits in the workplace."
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  • IBM Aims to Level the Tech Field for Those with Disabilities

    By John Egan (May 31, 2017)

    • "The IBM Accessibility Research group is aiming to bring people closer, regardless of their background. Its focus is on developing solutions that can help people with physical or cognitive disabilities, the elderly, novice technology users, and people with learning, literacy or language challenges."
    • "The ultimate goal is to let people live fuller lives by becoming more independent through access to technology."
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  • AccessU 2017

    Knowbility (May 2017)

    • "The goal is to provide tools that can immediately be put to use by designers, developers, project managers, administrators, and anyone who is responsible for online content and development."
    • "John Slatin Access U teaches those skills in an interactive and communal environment where you will learn everything you need to know about integrating accessibility into your company."
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  • GAAD Events

    By GAAD (May 18, 2017)

    • "Thinking of holding an in-person or virtual event to mark the 6th GAAD and inviting the public to take part?"
    • "There are also Virtual Events on May 18"
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  • Reflections on GAAD 2017

    By Shadi Abou-Zahra (May 25, 2017)

    • "The Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an international event that was co-founded by Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon in 2011. It has been growing rapidly ever since, and this year it featured more than 50 announced events in 18 countries including: much of Europe, India, the US, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, and Australia."
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  • Apple's Tim Cook talks tech with accessibility advocates for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

    By Mikey Campbell (May 17, 2017)

    • "In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple CEO Tim Cook this week invited three accessibility advocates and bloggers to the company's Cupertino, Calif., campus, for discussions on how Apple technology impacts their daily lives."
    • "'For us, we believe very deeply that accessibility is a human right,' Cook said. 'And we try very hard to make all of our products accessible for everyone because of that. It's a basic value.'"
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  • How to Make Your Website Accessible by January 2018

    By Finalsite & AudioEye (May 1, 2017)

    • "Learn how to make your school's website accessible and WCAG 2.0 compliant by the January 2018 deadline by following simple design standards."
    • "In this webinar, AudioEye's CTO Sean Bradley joins Finalsite's Content Marketing Manager Mia Major for a live webinar where they'll answer all these questions, and more!"
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  • The Nuts and Bolts of Captioning and Describing Video Online

    By 3Play Media (May 25, 2017)

    • "Besides attracting a more diverse audience and enhancing the user experience, captions and audio description have fascinating and important fundamentals that will be explored in this webinar."
    • "With the predominance of accessibility laws and the upcoming refresh of Section 508 (which requires organizations to comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards by early 2018), it’s the perfect time to become well-versed in captioning and audio description."
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  • 30 Days of Accessibility Testing

    By Matt Obee and Alon Fridman Waisbard (May 1, 2017)

    • "Welcome to a new 30 Days of Testing Challenge. As always, you can do this anytime anywhere, however, we will be doing a joint effort to encourage others to kick this of on the 1st of May 2017."
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  • Accessibility Web Fundamentals

    By Alice Boxhall

    • "As developers, it's easy to assume that all users can see and use a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen, and can interact with your page content the same way you do. This can lead to an experience that works well for some people, but creates issues that range from simple annoyances to show-stoppers for others."
    • "When learning about accessibility, it helps to have an understanding of the diverse range of users in the world and the kinds of accessibility topics that affect them."
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  • Technology Sets The Stage For A New Round Of Retail Disruption

    By Brian Solis (May 30, 2017)

    • "Now, with the rise of modern commerce, the evolution of how brands sell and how customers buy only continues to push trends forward."
    • "Meaningful CX will prioritize personalization, engagement, and the right messages/stories in the moments that matter to not only convert one-time transactions, but also to cultivate value-added, trusted relationships that dramatically improve customer lifetime value."
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  • Uber-Like Service Designed For Riders With Disabilities

    By Robert A. Cronkleton (May 2, 2017)

    • "The one-year pilot project enables riders to use a cellphone app to hail taxis. While the core of the service was built with the mobility of people with disabilities in mind, it is open to the general public to use, too."
    • "The app-based service is an alternative to the Share-A-Fare paratransit service, which must be scheduled in advance. Hough has used that service for five years and is still getting used to the idea that she can now make spur-of-the-moment trips with the RideKC Freedom app."
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  • What to Know About Living With a Disability

    By Robyn Lambird (May 10, 2017)

    • "As long as you are polite and respectful, I’m more than happy to answer your questions about my situation. I understand the natural curiosity, and the more you understand about my disability, the more I actually benefit."
    • "As a young woman living with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition affecting movement and muscle tone, it’s hard not to notice that disabled people — the world’s largest minority — could benefit from some more representation."
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  • Empowering a more accessible and inclusive world

    By Jenny Lay-Flurrie (May 18, 2017)

    • "With the right tools, there are no limits to what people can achieve, including people with disabilities."
    • "Having people with disabilities as part of your organization empowers the group, team and company to build products and services that reflect the diverse needs of our global customers."
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  • Despite its promise, modern technology often fails to help disabled users

    By Hope Reese (May 25, 2017)

    • "Advances in speech recognition, wearable technology, and mobile apps have offered welcome improvements for many people who are disabled. Yet while new technology is often praised for aiding communication for those who are blind and deaf, innovations can sometimes have unintended effects, hindering communication and access to information for those with disabilities."
    • "'Access and participation depend upon one another. Just as access enables participation, so does increased participation by diverse people make possible the expansion of access,' she said."
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  • Blind Boy Receives Heartwarming Response in Braille From Nintendo

    By McKinley Corbley (May 22, 2017)

    • "Because of Hibiki’s visual impairment, he can only play certain games that utilize sound as an indicator of what’s happening. His favorite games are Nintendo’s four installments of the Rhythm Tengoku series.That’s why Hibiki’s dad helped him to write a letter to Nintendo, politely thanking them for their groundbreaking work – and asking if they could make more Tengoku games."
    • "Eight days after Hibiki’s dad wrote the letter, they received two written responses from the company – one in ink, and one in braille."
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