Knowledge: The True Power to Impact Accessibility

The greatest contribution we can make to global accessibility efforts is to educate ourselves, our peers, our clients and the general population about the importance of inclusivity – online and everywhere else. As an Accessibility Professional, I am surrounded by like-minded individuals working to educate about and promote the importance of digital accessibility. Naturally, despite my test-taking trepidation, I was thrilled when IAAP announced a few years ago that they would be offering certification for accessibility professionals.

Today, thanks to the support and commitment of our CEO Todd Bankofier, a firm believer and supporter of the CPACC mission, nearly one third of the entire AudioEye team has passed the exam. With a new group studying for tests this summer, our goal is for 100% team certification within the next 12 months.

Todd believes: “Our culture every day is to increase our knowledge on accessibility and the CPACC sets the bar for our team, encouraging them to be well-rounded on all aspects of accessibility, not just digital.” AudioEye is so committed to the IAAP certification, that team members passing the exam receive a small financial incentive.

So, on behalf of the AudioEye Team, I encourage my fellow industry professionals to carry the banner and achieve certification. Study hard and good luck!

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