K12 OCR Investigation?

Ally + OCR Compliance Package = Sustainable Accessibility

Reviewed & Validated with the OCR

AudioEye has reviewed and validated our technology and processes with the Dept. of Education
Office for Civil Rights to ensure we effectively help achieve sustainable accessibility.

In fact, AudioEye is helping schools and school districts achieve and maintain accessibility every day,
resolving issues of accessibility and enhancing usability for students, faculty, staff and entire communities.

Why We Do What We Do

Watch this short video about AudioEye to learn why we're committed to inclusivity and usability. You'll also learn how we securely publish more than one billion remediations, on more than one thousands sites for nearly 500 schools, government agencies, financial institutions, and public and private businesses.

12.1% of the nation’s K–12 students have disabilities

Source: US Department of Education

15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability

Source: 2011 World Report on Disability by the World Bank and the World Health Organization

We helped Seattle Public Schools. We can help you.

"The knowledgeable AudioEye team has also been instrumental in assisting Seattle Public Schools in navigating the complex digital accessibility landscape, assisting the district in conforming with WCAG 2.0 AA, and, for the years to come, establishing a sustainable accessibility strategy that will ensure enhanced usability and equal access to the information and services made available from the district’s highly diverse and robust digital ecosystem."

- Michael Miller, Accessibility Coordinator for Seattle Public Schools (former)

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