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100 Days at AudioEye: Moving Forward

In January, I began to share what I thought would be an adventure encompassing my first 100 days with AudioEye. I quickly realized the journey is much longer and deeper than 100 days, which is obvious since I am now 185 days into this adventure with no recent post. Since my first post, the company has grown immensely; I am no longer the newest member of the team. I am fully integrated into my position, the company, and our culture. I have strengthened my understanding of our mission, and generated an even more steadfast resolve to positively make an impact in the Accessibility space.

While I continue to learn every day from my colleagues, accessibility industry professionals and our customers, these are three key lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Success is immeasurable when “People First” is a core value. AudioEye puts People First in every aspect of what we do; our teammates, customers, shareholders and everyone impacted by accessibility are the driving force behind our achievements. The culture that grows from a People First mentality inspires continual growth across the company. It creates a level of collaboration and diligence, fueled by compassion and empathy for those who benefit from our technology and trust in one another, that allows us to deliver real, impactful solutions. 
  2. Millions of individuals with a variety of abilities are hindered by the inability to access online content – imagine if you could not access online necessities such as search engines, online banking, travel arrangements, etc. Now, I realize the significance of this issue, especially in a 21st century digital environment where online actions are societal expectations. It is not the ability of the user that will determine their level of access to online content, it is the publisher/owner of the website that must account for the user experience. 
  3. Accessibility is not a one-time fix. The Internet is dynamic, so creating accessible digital content and maintaining its accessibility is an on-going process.  I have the advantage of working at a company that is using technology to solve issues created by technology. As a Project Manager, I am a daily witness to the process and get to help clients as they enter the journey towards accessibility. I guide them through the 100-day progression to a more accessible site with content that is more usable for everyone. I then work with them to help ensure as their site grows, it remains accessible. I also get to be at the forefront of the amazing advancements in technology AudioEye is making every day to raise the bar in accessibility service standards.

Much has happened in my “100-day” journey at AudioEye. We have increased our visibility and client base, exceeded our quarterly goals, and have remediated billions of accessibility errors to help our clients ensure their online content is truly more accessible, and more usable for more people. 

In addition to the education, experience, and company growth, the most significant part of my “100 day” journey has been the truly incredible, passionate, and hard-working individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with along the way. My journey will continue, as will my quest to learn more about Accessibility and the importance of helping create a world that is truly inclusive… online and off.

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