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Do the right thing: how digital accessibility creates a virtuous, brand-boosting cycle

Worldwide, one billion people (some 15% of the world’s population), experience some form of disability—and in the United States, over a quarter of adults are living with a disability. In an age when brands and personal identities are closely entwined, the benefits of making your digital experiences accessible to all have never been greater.

Perhaps the clearest benefit of accessibility for brands is the instant boost it delivers to the size of your audience. When people of all abilities can fully participate in your digital offering, you immediately increase your ability to build brand recognition, win new customers and foster long-term loyalty: all of which are prerequisites for creating vocal brand advocates online.

Accessibility builds clout 

Building a solid reputation for inclusivity can have an extremely powerful impact on word-of-mouth marketing, especially on social platforms like Twitter. According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. When you consider the very real potential for such moments of engagement to go viral, you can see why leading brands now consider accessibility a key component of the digital strategy.

It’s not just marketing that can benefit. By making online properties more accessible, brands eliminate friction along the digital journey and lower the barriers to making a sale. Accessibility can even enhance your approach to search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, many SEO best practices (including mobile-first designs and text alternatives to non-text content) overlap with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)—the gold standard for digital accessibility.

Billion-dollar opportunities

Despite the many benefits, most brands have yet to move on the opportunities that digital accessibility offers. Scope, a leading disability charity in the United Kingdom, found in early 2019 that 98 percent of homepages from more than one million popular websites failed to meet basic accessibility standards. The charity estimates that the lost sales opportunities are considerable, amounting to the equivalent of $2.5 billion per month.

If your brand is ready to take a fresh look at digital accessibility, the good news is that getting started is easier than ever. AudioEye offers a full, end-to-end outsourcing solution for online accessibility that includes all the capabilities brands need to make their digital properties available to all.

As well as our AudioEye Accessibility Toolbar (which enables users to personalize their experience with easy-to-read fonts, on-screen narration, keyboard-friendly navigation, and more), our team of subject-matter experts continually monitor your sites for potential issues and help you to resolve them rapidly. The result? You can focus on creating compelling digital experiences, building your brand and winning new customers.

Take the next step

Organizations around the world are already recognizing the benefits of going beyond basic regulatory requirements for accessibility and creating best-in-class, inclusive experiences. If you want to learn more about how we can help you to get on the fast track to digital accessibility, arrange a call with an AudioEye expert today.

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