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You've Been Sued. Now What?

Website ADA Compliance Made Easy. You've Been Sued. Now What?

Guide Overview

Have you recently been sued by a plaintiff making claims that your business website has failed to uphold digital accessibility obligations under ADA Title 111 and/or the California Unruh Civil Rights Act? These types of lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming, but AudioEye is here to help you meet legal compliance and guide you through your legal response.

In this comprehensive guide from AudioEye, we will walk companies like yours through every step of the website accessibility process and how to navigate ADA-related lawsuits. We will help you understand the problem and explain how our technology — coupled with our team of subject matter experts — ensures your website continuously meets the standards of legal compliance.

Download the Guide

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What's Included

  • The 6 Steps to Addressing ADA Title III Lawsuits
  • Breakdown on Understanding the Issue
  • Explanation of Automated Testing Tools
  • High-level Overview of Accessibility Toolbars
  • List of Unique Benefits from AudioEye

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