Make Your Website Accessible

Only 2% of websites are fully accessible for people living with a disability. AudioEye can quickly get your website WCAG / ADA compliant.

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AudioEye Features

Two accessibility scores, one before AudioEye at 61/100 and one after one day with AudioEye at 94/100

AudioEye Features

  • Accessibility Score provides a 0-100 score estimates your site's accessibility
  • Risk-free JavaScript installation activates auto-fixes and the on-site toolbar
  • AudioEye's Toolbar allows visitors can personalize their experience on your site
  • Improve SEO as your website becomes more accessible for people with disabilities

Delivering Accessible Platforms

No matter what platform you've used to build your website, you can easily install AudioEye, and begin your path to compliance.

Accessibility Compliance

No need to redesign your website. No need to change your source code.