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Document Remediation Services

Keep your documents portable and accessible. Don’t let PDFs be the weak link in your compliance. AudioEye offers document remediation solutions for dynamic downloads and static PDFs.

Achieve Accessibility. Preserve Portability.

Dynamic PDF / Document Remediation

AudioEye configures templates to remediate dynamically generated PDFs in real-time to deliver fully accessible PDF downloads.

The ideal solution for high-volume, transactional documents, such as insurance cards, account statements, or any template that provides end-users with a PDF download, dynamically populated with existing database information.

Static PDF / Document Remediation

AudioEye Static PDF / Document Remediation is a comprehensive solution for legacy documents that cannot be efficiently converted to HTML, which AudioEye recommends for its accessibility.

Through a balance of automated and manual remediation techniques and testing, AudioEye delivers fully accessible PDFs in compliance with ADA-related requirements.

More Accessible. More Usable. For More People.

Leverage technology to achieve and maintain accessibility — not because it is required, but because inclusivity is the right thing to do. Level the playing field.