Accessibility is a Business Advantage

In the US, 22% of adults have a disability.[2] Remember that for someone with an accessibility issue, if your app isn’t easy to use then they will never use it. You’ve lost a customer and a potential advocate for your product. Designing with this in mind is not only a strong business decision, but also makes your product better for everyone. Think of how adding elevators and ramps isn’t just a benefit for wheelchair users, but also for people with bikes and strollers and suitcases.

What You Need to Know

  • Adding accessibility considerations to your app design is one of the easiest ways to expand your potential market and make your product stronger for everyone.
  • Accessibility thinking — the principle of inclusive design — has a long history of making things better for everyone.


From Story Worth

Nick Baum (Founder of StoryWorth)

April 7, 2016

Man sits in wheelchair at bottom of stairway

image via Shutterstock

This is a business decision to make our user base happier…

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