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Do the right thing: how digital accessibility creates a virtuous, brand-boosting cycle

Worldwide, one billion people (some 15% of the world’s population), experience some form of disability—and in the United States, over a quarter of adults are living with a disability. In an age when brands and personal identities are closely entwined, the benefits of making your digital experiences accessible to all have never been greater. Perhaps […]

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Coronavirus: website accessibility has never been more important

We’re living in unprecedented times. The first global pandemic of the digital era is upon us. With the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), terms like “social distancing,” and “flatten the curve” have quickly become everyday vernacular. Physical locations are temporarily closing. Government leaders are encouraging – if not mandating – that individuals stay at home. […]

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Your website is accessible. What about your third-party platform provider?

Your website content is fully accessible for individuals of all abilities. But your end-to-end digital experience requires an interface with a third-party platform. Turns out, that platform has everything you need from a functional perspective, but it’s not accessible. Now what? Ditch the vendor? Give up on digital accessibility entirely? Not so fast. Here at […]

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You Built My Website, Why Isn’t It Accessible?

You’ve gone through the process of finding the right Content Management System (CMS) provider to build your website. Then came the laborious process of design. Your marketing team filtered through hundreds, maybe thousands, of images, lost sleep over tag lines, syntax and verbiage and changed the launch date of your site at least five times, but finally your site is live. Chances are, you’ve all but forgotten about the website, except for checking in on it here and there.

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