Is Your Kiosk Accessible?

Seems everywhere we turn, we now experience a self-service kiosk – whether it’s the gas station, the grocery store, or you’re selecting the size of french fries that you want with your burger at your local fast food joint. Suffice it to say, kiosks have come a long way over the years, but are they truly accessible … to everyone?

The traditional thought is that if your kiosk is at a physical height accessible to someone in a wheelchair… good to go. Not so fast. What about a person with a cognitive disability? How will they navigate the screen? Or someone with low or no vision? Is the information set up in a way that an assistive technology can accurately communicate it?

AudioEye, a transformational leader in web accessibility, is tacking kiosks. Because it’s our belief that everyone should be able to access digital content barrier free – anytime, anywhere – whether on your desktop in your home office or ordering extra pickles on your burger.

Want to hear more about our solution? Our Chief Technical Officer Mark Baker and VP of Sales Dan Sullivan speak with our friends at in this podcast: A Transformative Experience For Kiosk Access With AudioEye.