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"No website should ever be built or launched without being accessible. As leaders, our decisions can either be inclusive or exclude millions. I choose inclusivity, every time."

Todd Bankofier

Chief Revenue Officer

The quintessential entrepreneur, Todd Bankofier joined AudioEye in 2015 as the company was transitioning from a first-generation launch to the current iteration of products introduced in 2016. In a professional career spanning nearly three decades, Todd established a foundation as a leader in technology, asset growth, and as a staffer and lobbyist on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Todd served as the President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, the state’s leading technology organization, and also held various executive positions in telecommunications, IT, and asset management companies providing leadership and turn around solutions.

Since joining AudioEye, the company has experienced consistent growth, securing new clients that include some of the country’s largest and high-profile companies in retail, transportation, human resources, and the Federal Government. Among AudioEye clients are: ADP, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Fox Business News, Lululemon, San Diego Zoo, and Mutual of Omaha. Recently, the company entered partnerships with some of the country’s leading content management systems: CivicPlus, Kasasa, FinalSite, and Dealer Inspire. These platforms are among the largest providers of website and digital marketing services in their respective arenas of banking, municipal, educational, and automotive retail.