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Cognitive Disabilities

Cognitive disabilities impact the difficulty a person has performing mental tasks. The disabilities are based on a spectrum, given that concept is broad and does not have a clear definition. Cognitive disabilities have been linked to the biology and physiology of the brain. The biology and physiology of the brain can be affected by congenital […]

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Reading Disabilities

Reading disabilities occur when a person has trouble reading and comprehending text. People may not be able to read at all and others may read at a slower pace, have problems sounding out words, and understanding what they are reading. The cause of reading disabilities has not been proven but it is believed that it […]

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Universal Design

What is Universal Design? Universal Design is the design of products and environments that are accessible, understandable, and usable to all without specialized modifications or adaptations. Universal design is not the design for one person or a group of people, it is inclusive design. Universal design does not just benefit the individual but benefits society […]

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