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Motor Disabilities (Your One Page Cheat Sheet)

Physical and mobility impairments are motor disabilities. People with physical and mobility impairments are defined as having a disabling condition or health impairment that requires adaptation. Physical and mobility impairments are caused by traumatic injuries, diseases, and congenital conditions. Traumatic Injuries include: Spinal Cord Injury Loss or Damage of Limbs Traumatic injuries are considered physical […]

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Cognitive Disabilities

Cognitive disabilities impact the difficulty a person has performing mental tasks. The disabilities are based on a spectrum, given that concept is broad and does not have a clear definition. Cognitive disabilities have been linked to the biology and physiology of the brain. The biology and physiology of the brain can be affected by congenital […]

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Reading Disabilities

Reading disabilities occur when a person has trouble reading and comprehending text. People may not be able to read at all and others may read at a slower pace, have problems sounding out words, and understanding what they are reading. The cause of reading disabilities has not been proven but it is believed that it […]

Topics: Accessibility 101