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Are you excluding 15% of the population online?

Are you at risk of ADA-related complaints?

You are if your website wasn’t designed for accessibility. As much as 15% of the population has a disability that impacts their ability to fully access and/or use digital content.

Under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Internet is considered a “place of public accommodation.” Failure to provide accommodations online is no different than failing to provide access in the physical world. So, if your website isn’t accessible, you are at risk of ADA-related complaints.

More importantly, you could be excluding millions of people from equal access to your site and content.

AudioEye helps hundreds of customers across private industry and government achieve secure and sustainable compliance with ADA-related technology requirements that enhances the user experience for all site visitors.

We leverage technology to make accessibility accessible. You should too.

Accessibility solutions tailored to your private business or government agency mission.
No matter the industry you’re in, we’ll ensure you’re compliant.

Immediately addresses issues of Legal Demand Letters and ADA-related requirements.

Aligned with WCAG 2.0 Level AA and Section 508 legacy and 2018 Refresh Success Criteria.

AudioEye Trusted Certification shows your commitment to accessibility.

The AudioEye Toolbar provides a customizable user experience to all site users.

AudioEye securely removes more than one billion access barriers every single day

Our solutions start with technology to provide end-to-end accessibility that is secure and sustainable enhancing the user experience for all people.

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From Compliance to
Competitive Advantage

Together with our Partners, AudioEye is making accessibility affordable and achievable like never before.

Whether you're a Content Management System provider or a digital agency delivering services across niche markets segments, or even a Systems Integrator or a Managed Services Firm contracted to government agencies, AudioEye provides a unique opportunity to bring accessibility to your clients while creating new revenue streams.