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Up the value of your entertainment through digital accessibility.

If your website wasn’t designed and coded for accessibility, you may be at risk of ADA-related complaints. Is your website ADA compliant?

How Welcoming is Your Online Presence?
As much as 15% of the population lives with some form of disability. Failing to design and/or code your website for accessibility is the online equivalent of failing to provide wheelchair access to your physical location.

Nearly 30% of the Federal website lawsuits filed between 2015 and August 2017 impacted the Restaurant and Entertainment industry.

That’s a fact, not a scare tactic. In fact, one of our customers, Danny Wimmer Presents was one of them. But after doing its due diligence, “With AudioEye, it felt as if we were investing in a long-term relationship, not just a solution.” Read more about Danny Wimmer Presents’ journey to digital accessibility.

AudioEye’s leading edge technology and end-to-end AudioEye Managed offers a smarter, alternative path to addressing digital accessibility. Our technology-based solutions help clients achieve and maintain ADA-related compliance.

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“We took a hard look at the marketplace seeking the most inclusive solution for our customers. Like Simpleview, AudioEye is truly unique in the marketplace. We both deliver our customers best-in-class technology solutions backed by service personnel that are Subject Matter Experts and leaders in their field. With AudioEye, our digital inclusion strategy has been fortified.”

Ryan George
Chief Executive Officer

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Many organizations that invest in accessibility lack a plan to sustain the effort.

Speed-to-Compliance and Sustainability are the core tenants of the AudioEye solution.