Rethinking All-Inclusive

How hospitable is your online presence?

If your website isn’t accessible, you are excluding up to 15% of your audience from fully engaging with your brand. As a result, unless you remove digital access barriers, you are at risk of ADA-related lawsuits and legal demand letters

We’ve made a lot of progress to make the world we live in accessible. From automatic opening doors and the ramps and rails that lead us into our favorite destinations to wide passage ways and the elevators, complete with braille buttons, that take us up to our suite, the world is a more inclusive place thanks to the ADA.

Unfortunately, for many, the digital world isn’t quite as accessible. Digital access barriers can prevent users from booking hotel reservations or updating their travel itineraries in the same way narrow doorways can prevent access to an individual in a wheelchair. With any access barrier, businesses face the risk of legal demand letters or, even, lawsuits from individuals seeking to protect their civil rights.

With AudioEye, we provide hotels, resorts, and other hospitality service providers with trusted and effective solutions to remove access barriers and reduce risk of non-compliance, which can be costly and time consuming. At AudioEye, we do the work. From testing to remediation to validation. From compliance to conformance to certification, AudioEye delivers and maintains digital accessibility success for hospitality service providers seeking sustainable accessibility solutions.

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“We took a hard look at the marketplace seeking the most inclusive solution for our customers. Like Simpleview, AudioEye is truly unique in the marketplace. We both deliver our customers best-in-class technology solutions backed by service personnel that are Subject Matter Experts and leaders in their field. With AudioEye, our digital inclusion strategy has been fortified.”

Ryan George
Chief Executive Officer at Simpleview

You do you.
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Every single day, AudioEye’s enterprise grade remediation technology removes billions of access barriers for our client’s customers.