Equal Access.
Equal Opportunity.

Online compliance with ADA requirements is critical to HR.

Your equal opportunities might not be as equal as you think. If recruiting sites and content aren’t accessible, not only are you neglecting your own EEO policies, but you are also at risk of violating your obligations under the ADA. Is your content accessible?

Applying for jobs happens online. Paycheck stubs and W2 tax forms are delivered online. HR benefits and enrollment are conducted online. Recruiting, onboarding and training. All conducted online. Without accessibility, opportunities aren’t equal. Title I of the ADA prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment.

Leading with technology, AudioEye’s AudioEye Managed identifies and resolves issues of accessibility to make talent acquisition portals, HR & benefits platforms, and career sites accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those end-users relying on the use of Assistive Technology (AT), such as screen readers and magnification tools.

Today, HR industry leaders, like ADP, rely on our secure, efficient and cost-effective accessibility technology and service. At AudioEye, we do the work. From testing to remediation to validation. From compliance to conformance to certification, AudioEye delivers and maintains digital accessibility success for hospitality service providers seeking sustainable accessibility solutions.

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what our clients have to say

“Innovative human resources and benefits tools should be accessible to everyone. Our collaboration with AudioEye is one way we’re making this happen. We’re excited about integrating their technology into our HR solutions so we can enhance the user experience for the employees of clients who may face vision, hearing, and cognitive challenges.”

Don Weinstein
Chief Strategy Officer at ADP

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Every single day, AudioEye’s enterprise grade remediation technology removes billions of access barriers for our client’s customers.