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What are the core values of the AudioEye company?

Our goal is to transform how the world experience digital content by providing every enterprise the technology needed to make their interfaces more usable. To achieve this, at our core are the following values:

People First: We believe that focusing on people first cultivates intellect, inspires innovation, and fosters success. Our passion for people builds a culture of trust and dedication that enriches lives.

Inclusive Design: We like to think big, and encourage our clients to do the same. We recognize human diversity as our greatest asset, and build solutions that are inclusive of the needs of all people, with a special emphasis on accessibility.

Inspired Problem-Solving: We celebrate fresh, agile thinking that opens doors to a world of possibilities. We encourage our team members to take risks, try new solutions and challenge the status quo – it’s at the very core of everything we do.

Relentless Empathy: We make a deliberate effort to appreciate people. Every day we turn that insight into action…improving the user experience of digital products, the customer experience of our partners, and the work experience of our team.

Lasting Impact: Legacy is measured by outcomes that result from hard work, thoughtful application, and commitment to a cause. So, we are intentional about performance – overcoming short-term obstacles without ever losing sight of the future we seek to create.

Pervasive Leadership: We take risks and hoist our flag to lead the market towards a more usable digital world, and we will never cease in that effort. It is this commitment that will leave a lasting impact for our future generations, regardless of circumstance.