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What does an OCR Complaint entail?

There are different requests made by the OCR when seeking to enforce civil rights laws. The following provides an overview of the steps required to conform to stipulations outlined in demand letters sent from the OCR or comply with settlement agreements established with the OCR.

  1. Procure Accessibility Specialist
  2. Provide Accessibility Support Resources for End-Users
  3. Establish an Audit Priority Plan
  4. Audit Existing Content and Functionality
  5. Train Resources and Establish Policies and Procedures for New Content and Functionality
  6. Formalize a Corrective Action Plan
  7. Remediate Issues and Adhere to Corrective Action Plan Schedule

For this reason, AudioEye recommends a proactive approach to remediate existing sites to a) do the right thing by granting equal access to the widest audience possible, b) comply with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements, resulting in c) risk mitigation.