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What is AudioEye, Inc.?

AudioEye is a technology company providing equal access to digital content. Through patented technology, subject matter expertise and proprietary processes, AudioEye identifies and resolves issues of accessibility on existing websites.

Our technology, team and services create the foundation for sustainable compliance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements.

More importantly, AudioEye makes digital content more accessible and more usable for more people.

AudioEye leads with patented technology and proprietary processes that provide the ideal balance of automated and engineering-generated solutions to ensure websites are accessible for the widest audience possible.

AudioEye works in the background to continually monitor sites, identify issues of accessibility and resolve them immediately.

We don’t simply identify issues and tell our clients what needs to be fixed. That would be the equivalent of going to the dentist and learning you have a broken tooth … that’s it. No fix, just the information.