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AudioEye Managed

We leverage technology to deliver efficient, cost-effective testing, remediation, validation and monitoring for fast and sustainable compliance with ADA-related requirements.

Fully Managed, End-to-End
Accessibility Software

Step 1
Fix the most common errors on your site instantly. Deploy help desk for end-users to report accessibility and usability issues. Always-on monitoring begins to illuminate the most pertinent and pressing issues impacting actual users.

Step 2
Testing & Discovery
Automated and manual testing detects access barriers including those impacting WCAG 2.0 Level AA and Section 508 conformance.

Step 3
Remediation & Validation
Engineers analyze and validate test results and author remediations. Free assistive tools are provisioned and deployed through the accessibility software.

Step 4
AudioEye Trusted
AudioEye certifies that your site has met all prerequisites and continues to fulfill the ongoing requirements of the AudioEye Trusted Process. Certification and Accessibility statements promote your ongoing commitment to digital inclusion.

AudioEye manages the work and the risk.

Our clients achieve sustainable compliance and a website that is more usable for all their site visitors.

AudioEye Managed is the accessibility software with the perfect balance of patented technology, subject matter expertise, and proprietary processes for cost-effective speed-to-compliance with ADA-related requirements.

Advanced Automated Testing
AudioEye’s proprietary test suite automatically detects WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria for conformance with ADA-related laws and guidelines.

Manual Accessibility Testing
True accessibility and proper functionality requires manual testing. AudioEye sites undergo technical analysis and manual testing by Certified Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, and Assistive Technology (AT) testers, including individuals with disabilities.

Remediation Accelerator
This secure, proprietary JavaScript makes achieving and maintaining accessibility on existing sites possible, expedient, and economical. Common issues are addressed programmatically. Others are authored by our Engineers.

Auditing & Remediation
AudioEye analyzes and validates all testing — automated and manual. AudioEye engineers author necessary remediations, which are applied through our dynamic remediation technology.

Conformance Reports
AudioEye provides a high-level summary of conformance evaluations, and as needed, a Source Feedback Report, for collaborating on any necessary source-code fixes that address last-mile issues.

Maintenance & Monitoring
Accessibility is a journey. Ongoing automated conformance evaluation scanning and regular accessibility testing is conducted to ensure substantial conformance is maintained over time.

Accessibility Statement
Promote your commitment to digital inclusion and mitigate risk with a public statement describing your accessibility achievements and forward path.

AudioEye Trusted Certification
The AudioEye Trusted Certification shows commitment to accessibility, and lets all visitors know that this site strives to be more accessible, and more usable, for more people.

Accessibility Toolbar

Available to all end-users from the sites of our AudioEye Managed clients, the fully Accessibility Toolbar provides a fully customizable experience users can tailor to their individual needs, regardless of their device type, language preference, or preferred method of access.

The Man in Blue
The internationally-recognized accessibility icon marks the entrance to the Accessibility Toolbar on client sites.

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Site Menu, Page Elements Menu, Visual Toolkit, Player, Help Desk, Certification
Each assistive tool within the Accessibility Toolbar may be engaged, individually, or in combination with others. The Accessibility Toolbar is the most inclusive web personalization tool available.

AudioEye Voice picks up where Alexa and Siri leave off. An industry first, AudioEye Voice allows end-users to control the website experience using verbal commands.

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Enterprise-Grade Remediation Technology

Our clients include financial institutions, schools and government agencies – entities that have very high security requirements. For our US Government clients, we meet some of the more specific requirements, including FedRAMP High baseline to the many other compliance regimes regulated by the Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of Defense (DoD), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), among several others.

  • AWS GovCloud option for maximum security
  • PCI Compliant
  • Multi-layer system abstraction requiring MFA VPNs
  • Secure Code Review
  • Attack and Penetration Tests (PEN Test)
  • Real-time attack alerting with full user tracing

More Accessible. More Usable. For More People.