AudioEye Voice

AudioEye Voice picks up where Alexa and Siri leave off.

An industry first, AudioEye Voice allows end-users to control the website experience using verbal commands. Installed with out-of-the box functionality and allows for full customization.

Voice-enable your website or web application.

Our pairing native application applies these principles to voice-enable and control “dumb terminals” such as kiosks or browsers lacking microphone access support.


Experience and interact with websites.


Use your voice to fill out web forms.


Expedite click-heavy operations.

A New Era in Speech-based Computing

As the newest feature of the Ally Toolbar, Voice can be used to supplement or replace traditional mouse and keyboard navigation. A cloud-based, platform-agnostic technology, Voice is highly portable and easily integrated into websites, processes, and systems.

Hear Voice in action as part of the Ally Toolbar:
Watch our Man in Blue Video

Self-service Kiosks

Digital Menu Boards

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Video Walls

More Accessible. More Usable. For More People.

Leverage technology to achieve and maintain accessibility — not because it is required, but because inclusivity is the right thing to do. Level the playing field.