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Visibility and insights in one dashboard.

Visibility and insights in one dashboard.

View, analyze, and track progress on all accessibility issues found with AudioEye’s Issue Reporting. Use our detailed reports to make data-driven decisions and measure ROI.

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    See which issues have been fixed automatically and which require additional attention

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    Sort accessibility issues by type and severity to prioritize the most important fixes

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    Understand each issue’s impact on user experience for people of different abilities

Personalized accessibility experiences, delivered.

Personalized accessibility experiences, delivered.

Deliver accessible and optimized experiences that feel native to your website with our advanced accessibility platform.

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    As accessibility issues arise, we find and fix the majority of them before they reach your customers

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    Assistive technology (AT) users regularly confirm that AudioEye improves their online experiences

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    AudioEye's Visual Toolkit allows customers to take control of their experiences to suit their needs

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AudioEye has done a great job at keeping it all very seamless. It was easy to integrate. There was good documentation. And we got good support. AudioEye provides an elegant solution to a pretty complicated problem.”

Mark Hellweg

Founder of Ratio Coffee

We add to the tech stack for agencies and partners.

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We add to the tech stack for agencies and partners.

Join the AudioEye’s Partner Network to offer accessibility solutions to all your clients and earn additional revenue without disrupting your existing workflows or adding overhead costs. Unlike automation-only solutions, we provide you with a Comprehensive Compliance package that includes critical services, such as periodic audits, legal support, and training.

Become a Partner

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    Bulk discounts and commissions that fit every business model

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    Dedicated partner managers are available to assist every step of the way

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    One dashboard to manage and monitor thousands of websites

Certified accessibility experts at your service.

Digital ADA-related lawsuits continue to rise from 262 in 2016 to 4,055 in 2021

Certified accessibility experts at your service.

With over 15 years of expertise, AudioEye practically wrote the book on web accessibility. We understand the legal landscape and can help you navigate it. AudioEye provides a full suite of comprehensive services to help you overcome the most challenging accessibility issues.

Free Consultation

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    Our technical team can build custom response letters that outline how AudioEye has solved issues on your site

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    We offer low-score monitoring and custom fixes for accessibility issues that can’t be corrected by automation alone

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    We also specialize in remediation services for PDFs, iOS, and Android applications; closed captioning for videos; and more

AudioEye A11iance Team

Collage of four people in varying ages, genders, races, and abilities with an accessibility icon the AudioEye logo.

AudioEye A11iance Team

Our A11iance community is made up of a group of people with varying disabilities and backgrounds. Currently and in the past we’ve tested with low-and-no vision users, users with cerebral palsy, keyboard-only users, users with limited mobility, and colorblind users. Some of our testers have worked professionally as testers, while others are new to the process with AudioEye.

Web accessibility for the most popular platforms

No matter which platform you've used to build your website, you can easily activate AudioEye and begin your path toward a more accessible online experience.

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Building for Digital Accessibility at Scale

The internet is the world's most significant public space today. Yet, 97% of it is inaccessible to people with disabilities. Learn about AudioEye's research and insights on key challenges in digital accessibility and our unique approach to delivering web accessibility at scale.

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Building accessible websites is a journey, and we're here to help.

AudioEye helps you work towards ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance through a combination of advanced automation technology and human touch. Our team of experts is here to provide legal support when needed.

How AudioEye helps you stay compliant:

  • Sustainable Testing and Remediation Plan
  • Ongoing Automated Testing
  • Periodic Manual Audits
  • Accessibility Training and Education
  • Issue Reporting Real-time Dashboard
  • Available Grievance Procedures
  • Free Fixes for Reported Issues
  • Patented Automated Remediations