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HOW IT WORKSAudioEye converts website content & navigation menus into a fully accessible, cloud-based presentation layer – all managed and supported through the Audio Internet® Platform.> LEARN MOREGOVERNMENTThe Audio Internet® Software as a Service Platform is ideal for managing the large enterprise level websites run by Government agencies.> LEARN MOREEDUCATIONUniversities, K-12 Education Institutions, and online E-Learning properties can all benefit from AudioEye’s unique value proposition.> LEARN MORECORPORATEAudioEye serves Corporations, not only through its compliance platform, but by providing specific revenue creating value adds in the areas of advertising, and mobile navigation.> LEARN MORE
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People with disabilities rely on technology not only as a source of independence but as an important tool to navigate the world. Electronic information technology (and open access to it) is as important, if not more important, to a user with a disability as it is to any other user. However, accessing electronic information technology (or web content) using traditional accessibility tools such as screen readers and magnifying software can be tedious and expensive as the burden is always on the disabled user to either pay for the software or locate public accessibility resources that tend to be few and far between. With AudioEye, this burden is removed. The Audio Internet® Accessibility platform generates, maintains, and presents the user with an interactive, fully accessible audio-equivalent of your website.

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At its core, accessibility is about adaptability.

Accessibility considers a wide range of forms and variations ranging from blindness, partial vision loss, color perception deficiencies, deaf, hard of hearing, impaired mobility or dexterity in their hands, cognitive conditions such as dyslexia, and other impaired senses common in older individuals. In addition, demand for accessibility is growing. As the population ages, there are more tech-savvy users facing sensory and mobility impairment – all requiring accessible websites. AudioEye was built with these differentiating disability characteristics in mind. The AudioEye solution provides tools unique to each impairment, creating an all-encompassing accessibility solution wrapped up into a single platform. From users with complete vision loss to those with low sight or users that are hard of hearing or just learning to read, the AudioEye accessibility solution provides the tools to enhance the web access experience. In this way, every user benefits from an AudioEye enabled website.

“The power of the web is in its universality. Access by Everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
-Tim Berners-Lee

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Thanks to legislation passed into law by the United States Government (namely, Section 508 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the 21st Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act ) the onus is where it should be – the website owner/publisher is required, by law, to make their presence an accessible one. Unlike other accessibility tools and solutions, once implemented by a site owner/publisher, the AudioEye player is made available to all end users without the burden of any software/plugin installations. Further,the player is cross-platform and browser agnostic. As long as the end user has access to the latest version of one of the free, publically available web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, the accessible version of an AudioEye enabled web destination will provide access regardless of the system operating system (i.e. Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android).
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