Powerful Benefits For Your Clients

Expand their audience

The CDC estimates that 26% of American adults have disabilities

Improve their SEO

Improved Accessibility is shown to improve organic search rankings

Build their brand

Show the world and their customers that inclusivity matters

Why Partner With Us?

AudioEye’s Partner Network supports agencies of all sizes and industries to provide long-term accessibility solutions for their clients. We empower our partners to cultivate a culture of digital accessibility to meet critical business requirements, as well as create opportunities to qualify for partner-specific financial benefits.

AudioEye offers a unique platform in the world of digital accessibility: advanced, automated tools that continuously identify and develop new automated fixes to common WCAG errors, backed by our team of IAAP-certified experts that provide a deeper level of advice and guidance. We take pride in developing advanced technology to quickly help your website—and your clients' websites—become compliant.

Partnered With

”Web accessibility is not something AI alone can address. Real human intervention is required to manage, test and ensure issues are adequately resolved. AudioEye gives us that control.”

— Jon Sasala, President of Morey Creative Studios

Address Accessibility Concerns

  • About 26% of American adults have some form of disability
  • The court system is increasingly protecting their accessibility rights
  • ADA-related litigations continue to rise year after year
  • AudioEye’s Partner Network helps agencies address client concerns

Achieve ADA Compliance on Day 1

  • We provide long-term accessibility solutions for your clients
  • Gain access to financial incentives such as discounts and commissions
  • Expand your own portfolio of digital service offerings
  • Easily manage multiple sites and onboard our accessibility solution

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