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Digital Accessibility Compliance.


Documents. Kiosks. Websites. AudioEye manages and ensures digital accessibility 24/7.

Quick, cost-effective, compliant with ADA and WCAG regulations on day one of implementation.

Unrivaled speed to compliance

Exceeds user expectations and legal requirements

Substantial conformance achieved AND maintained

Unparalleled transparency
and ROI

Holistic and trusted approach

Enterprise Grade Remediation Technology The only accessibility solution removing billions of access barriers every single day.

Starting on the path to compliance takes just minutes
Once integrated, AudioEye Dynamic Remediation Technology takes over

Deploy a smarter no-nonsense strategy
Subject matter experts and specialized engineering manage all the heavy lifting for you

Entrust a comprehensive, always-on solution
Thoroughly vetted technology-first approach trusted by leading global brands and government agencies

Our Partners are making accessibility accessible for their customers.

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Opportunities are breaking all the rules.
With AudioEye, Accessibility is:

Not complicated. It’s Easy!

Not expensive. It’s Affordable!

Not inconvenient. It’s an Opportunity!

Accessibility Essentials

We are a purpose driven organization.
Learn why digital inclusion is so important to so many.

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Digital Accessibility Done Right.
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