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Industry-Leading Web Accessibility

The Complete Solution for Web Accessibility

  • Powerful Technology
    Patented industry-leading automation finds and fixes over 2x more issues vs competitors
  • Easy Setup
    Installs in minutes on any website platform
  • Legal Compliance Plan
    Meets ADA / WCAG guidelines for digital compliance
  • Certified Experts
    Access to IAAP certified experts and legal advisors on staff
AudioEye Portal Dashboard featuring Trusted Certification, Automated Fixes, and Multi-site Management

Trusted by over 75k leading brands

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How AudioEye Works

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    Automation tests for over 400 accessibility issues

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    We fix most accessibility issues automatically

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    Continuously monitor and protect for compliance

How Accessible Is Your Site?

With AudioEye’s site scanner, you can evaluate the risk of your website and determine your Accessibility Score. All for free, and in seconds.

For Agencies and Partners

Design team and a popup that shows multiple sites managed in one dashboard

For Agencies and Partners

AudioEye’s Partner Network program scales for agencies and partners, enabling them to seamlessly provide our complete accessibility solutions to their clients.

  • Financial Incentives and Discounts
    Bulk discounts and commissions for all business models
  • Partner Support
    Dedicated partner managers to assist along the way
  • Scalable
    Monitor thousands of websites all in one dashboard
  • Comprehensive Compliance
    Unlike automation-only solutions, AudioEye is a complete package that includes critical services for agencies, such as periodic audits, advanced legal support and custom training for your team

Learn About Partnerships

One dashboard. All insights. Full visibility.

AudioEye Portal opened to Issue Reporting screen

One dashboard. All insights. Full visibility.

View, analyze, and track progress on all accessibility issues with AudioEye’s Issue Reporting.

  • See which issues have been fixed automatically and which require additional attention
  • Sort issues by type and severity to prioritize the most impactful fixes
  • Understand each issue’s impact on user experience for people of different abilities
  • Use detailed reports to make data-driven decisions and measure ROI

We Do What Others Cannot

AudioEye is the only solution that meets ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance guidelines through a combination of advanced automation technology and human touch, maintaining a strong track record in legal defense for customers receiving active legal support.

Ready to experience the benefits of full web accessibility coverage for yourself?

Requirements Needed to Achieve Compliance:

  • Testing and Remediation Plan
  • Regular Automated Testing
  • Periodic Manual Audits
  • Accessibility Training & Resources
  • Available Grievance Procedure
  • Free Manual Fixes to Reported Issues
  • Automated Remediations

Advanced Legal Support

Infographic of the ADA Digital Related Lawsuits Filed in U.S. Federal Courts from 2017 to 2020 showing the increase from 814 cases to 3,503 cases and a projection of 4,195 cases estimated by the end of 2021

Advanced Legal Support

For more involved legal actions, our Advanced Legal Support service team is available to help you respond to any lawsuit or demand letter.

  • Stronger Legal Defense
    We help customers get far better outcomes when actively supporting on legal response
  • Industry-leading Experience
    With over 15 years of expertise, AudioEye practically wrote the book on digital accessibility

Privacy and Security

Venn Diagram with GDPR approved by EU Parliament in 2016 and enforced on May 25, 2018 on one side and CCPA signed by Governor Jerry Brown in June 2018 and enforced on July 1, 2020 on the other side. Where they overlap is Data Protection.

Privacy and Security

AudioEye does not share user data with 3rd parties and implements a high standard of data processing protocols. Our automation technology seamlessly supports websites that comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations, and does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

Comprehensive Services, Training and Support

Three business people smiling and sharing document papers with the W3C Member badge and IAAP International Association of Accessibility Professional logo

Comprehensive Services, Training and Support

AudioEye also provides comprehensive services to help you overcome the most challenging accessibility issues.

  • Advanced Legal Support
    Expert protection and support on all aspects of digital compliance
  • Advanced Remediation Services
    Manual audits and custom fixes for accessibility issues that can’t be resolved by automation
  • Premium Support
    Priority access to our dedicated accessibility experts
  • Training Library and Custom Services
    Videos and guides to learn about improving accessibility, with optional purpose-built training available
  • PDF, Mobile App and Closed Captioning
    Remediation services for digital applications including PDFs, native iOS or Android mobile apps, closed captioning for videos and more

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Automation Technology

Browser window with one side showing accessibility errors and the other side showing the errors have been fixed automatically

Automation Technology

The most advanced technology on the market ensures a more accessible experience for every website visitor.

  • Patented Technology
    Our industry-leading technology finds and fixes up to 80% of website accessibility issues automatically
  • Most Tests and Automated Fixes
    The most comprehensive automation solution with 400+ tests and over 70 automated fixes - far more than leading competitors
  • Active Automation
    Unlike other automated solutions, our technology runs for every site visitor, finding and fixing content in real-time

Web Accessibility For Every Platform

No matter what you've used to build your website, you can easily activate AudioEye and begin your path to WCAG / ADA compliance.

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Web accessibility made fast and simple

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