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Live Monitoring backed up by IAAP experts

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How We're Different

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Why Does Web Accessibility Matter?

Equal Access

People using assistive technology, like screen readers, are blocked from accessing information on sites that are not accessible.

Legal Standards

All websites are required to provide equal access to anyone who visits them and accommodate for any disabilities and impairments.

Maximized Reach

When your website’s accessibility improves, your SEO also improves, growing your audience exponentially.

How compliant is your website? Find out your accessibility score when you sign up for free!

How We’re Different

We See What Others Can’t

Our Live Monitoring gauges each website visitor’s experience. With an average of nearly 1K scans per site each day, we find more accessibility barriers than all the leading scanners combined​.

The Most AI Fixes Applied

Our patented AI immediately fixes more WCAG errors than any other technology. On average, we apply ~45K accessibility fixes to a customer’s site in a day.

Clear & Honest Evaluation

We don’t keep you in the dark about your accessibility. Our exclusive Accessibility Score and reporting are designed to give you transparent insights into what we do and don’t do for you.

Backed by Certified Experts

Nearly 25% of our team is IAAP-certified, applying their expertise to make our platform the most robust and improve the experience of your own site.

Proven Legal Protection

Should you face legal action, we provide basic legal support with each plan. Our STAR Plan and manual site review are key components to your quick and successful response.​

No matter what platform you've used to build your website, you can easily install AudioEye, and begin your path to compliance.

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