Find and fix accessibility issues earlier in the development process.

The Accessibility Testing SDK helps your web developers test their code and components for accessibility issues in pre-production environments.


Write once, run everywhere

Your web developers and front-end engineers are responsible for so many things that accessibility can sometimes take a backseat to pushing out new code. Our developer tools are purpose-built to make accessibility testing easier and more effective — so your teams fix more issues before they can impact customers.



Streamline testing

Testing tools that only work in production environments can make it more difficult to replicate the issue in order to fix it.

Types of testing

Flexible testing solutions for every part of your SDLC

Our Accessibility Testing SDK empowers your teams to check for accessibility issues throughout your software development lifecycle — from full-page testing to component libraries and automatic scans for each deployment.


Test entire pages for accessibility

Code platform showing how it pulls accessibility issues and where to fix them


Test entire pages for accessibility

Use the Command-Line Interface (CLI) in a code editor to test a full page for accessibility issues:

  • Ensure compatibility

    Full-page testing helps ensure that components aren’t just accessible on their own, but when used alongside other components.

  • Find contextual issues

    Some accessibility issues (e.g., header hierarchy) can only be detected when testing a full page.

  • Streamline accessibility

    Making developers toggle between multiple tools or browser windows slows down their work.


Create the building blocks of an accessible website

AudioEye dashboard communicating to breadcrumbs, accordion, alerts, buttons and various features on the website to make sure it is compliant


Create the building blocks of an accessible website

Either use the component function in the CLI or use Jest to test individual components within your library:

  • Run quick tests

    Make it easy for your developers to quickly test components during the early stages of development.

  • Build an accessible library

    Testing each component helps you build a library of accessible components that can be used across your organization by multiple teams.

  • Automate testing

    Jest tests can be set up to run automatically whenever you add or update a component in your library — so only accessible components are available to use.


Support dev teams with automatic accessibility scans

Continuous WCAG and accessibility issue scanning


Support dev teams with automatic accessibility scans

Install the Accessibility Testing SDK in your development pipeline to automatically scan for issues with every deployment.

  • Standardize quality

    Using the Accessibility Testing SDK in a CI/CD deployment helps check for accessibility issues on each line of code.

  • Drive better decisions

    Help your developers focus on high-impact work by identifying the most pressing accessibility issues.

  • Free up developers

    Take the burden off your developers to manually check for accessibility issues with each deployment.


Issue reports, in whatever format your teams need

The Accessibility Testing SDK lets developers export issues to review and/or share with others in the format that works best for them.

  • HTML Output

     A visual table that lists each issue detected in your code, along with key information — like the name of the WCAG criteria that was violated — to help teams prioritize fixes. Developers can click into each issue to get prescriptive feedback on the issue, where it occurred, and how to fix it.

  • JSON output

     A version of the list of issues and details can be converted into other file types (e.g., .csv, .xlsx) for easier sharing or to upload into project management tools.


Plug accessibility into your tech stack


Plug accessibility into your tech stack

The Accessibility Testing SDK integrates with your other web development tools, empowering your teams to drive alignment and integrate accessibility into more workstreams:

  • Project management
    Upload the .csv output version into a project management tool like JIRA or Asana to create a trackable, assignable list of issues to be fixed.
  • CMS integration
    Run accessibility tests on components as you build them in your local environment before they are loaded into your CMS library.

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