Build accessibility testing into every workflow

Seamlessly integrate accessibility testing into your software development process and deploy changes efficiently, at scale.

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Illustration of a coding window sending data to 3 separate tools below, the first tool scanning a page, the second uploading fixes to the cloud, and the third tool loading the fix data into a report
  • Plug into existing workflows

    AudioEye fits into your continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and current validation tests.

  • Drive better decisions

    Help your developers focus on high-impact work by using audits and reports to identify the most pressing accessibility issues.

  • Build a unified view

    Keep track of tasks by connecting our software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools to project management software like Jira.

Write once, run everywhere

Our developer tools are designed to help your team find and fix accessibility issues during development. Resolve issues at the source and build accessibility from the start.

  • Test

    Get your test results fast, resolving accessibility issues before committing to your codebase.

  • Integrate

    Integrate AudioEye into your CI/CD pipeline to catch issues before they impact your customers.

  • Monitor

    Continuously monitor the overall accessibility health of your products, services, or website.


A lightweight, flexible testing tool for your team

Two cards of data from a website's accessibility showing fixes that have been resolved and a score of 90/100 with AudioEye


A lightweight, flexible testing tool for your team

Push accessibility as far as you want by creating custom tests for your products, in addition to the 400+ test outcomes our Accessibility Page Scanner already provides.

active monitoring

We got your back

We know accessibility issues sometimes slip through the cracks, even when you test everything in pre-production.

That’s why our Active Monitoring is the only real user monitoring technology in the industry. It runs for every visitor to continue monitoring in post-production, fixing common issues in real time while providing insights on remaining issues.

Illustrative representation of the AudioEye dashboard connected to a website wireframe with data flowing in a cycle between the two

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