Uncover more accessibility issues with expert human testing

Find and fix accessibility issues that automation cannot detect with Expert Audits of your most important pages.

Chris, an AudioEye A11y tester, auditing a website and commenting on insufficient Alt text

Get a complete picture of your site’s accessibility

Deliver the highest level of accessibility by supplementing automated testing with expert audits from our team of certified accessibility experts and members of the disability community.

    Robust Testing

    Only AudioEye audits content behind login screens and paywalls, helping you get visibility into critical pages and user experiences.

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    "AudioEye can remediate many issues automatically and has a human element for problems that cannot be resolved with automation. That human element is what sets AudioEye apart from its competitors.”

    Nicolas I., Developer at SchoolPointe Inc.

    How Expert Audits work

    While other solutions provide a snapshot of your digital content’s accessibility, only AudioEye provides a comprehensive summary of your most critical pages and user experiences.

    • Step 1

      We prioritize the most-used pages and user flows across your digital content, including content behind login screens or paywalls.

    • Step 2

      Our team of certified experts and user testers audit your content using a variety of assistive technologies and browsers for compatibility.

    •  Step 3

      Once your audit is complete, we share a report that includes a breakdown of each test, result, and recommended fix for your developers.


    Expert testers, real-life users


    Expert testers, real-life users

    Our Expert Audits are performed by certified accessibility experts and members of AudioEye’s A11iance Team— a group of people with disabilities who test websites using a wide range of assistive technologies (AT), input and output devices, and browsers.

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    Deliver an inclusive experience to every potential customer

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