Expert Reporting

Monitor your web accessibility from every angle

View, analyze, and track progress on all accessibility issues identified by our automated monitoring and expert human testing.

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Track progress toward your accessibility goals

AudioEye Dashboard with top automated fixes and top issues to fix

Track progress toward your accessibility goals

Manage accessibility across your organization with robust dashboards and Expert Reporting. View a high-level summary of accessibility issues we’ve already fixed on your website — or zoom into an individual issue to get detailed guidance on what’s wrong and how to fix it.

  • Build a unified view

    Manage your websites, get training, and discover key accessibility insights in one simple, intuitive place.

  • Understand the fix

    We explain each test and results in simple terms, then share a report with guidance on fixing unresolved issues.

  • Drive better decisions

    Help teams focus on high-impact work by using Expert Audits and reports to identify key accessibility issues.

Get a real-time view of your website’s accessibility.

We use Automated Monitoring to identify accessibility issues on every page, for every user. This helps us deliver a real-time view of your website’s accessibility — instead of relying on daily scans that provide an incomplete picture.

    Turn insights into action

    Top issues to fix at source dashboard

    Turn insights into action

    Instead of simply listing accessibility issues and fixes, we provide detailed guidance on how to fix outstanding issues — so you can turn all of this data into actionable next steps.

    Track all things accessibility

    Audioeye dashboard with top automated fixes alert

    Track all things accessibility

    View a list of auto remediations being applied to your website and review issues that still need to be addressed — all from one dashboard.

    Dig into each issue

    Graphic of audioeye dashboard. Frame isn labelled alert on dashboard and instructions on how to fix at source

    Dig into each issue

    Each issue report includes information about the page(s) affected, which WCAG criteria it violates, which disabilities it impacts, and a full report on how the issue was fixed — or if it needs to be addressed at the source by your team.

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    AudioEye can remediate many issues automatically and has a human element for problems that cannot be resolved with automation. That human element is what sets AudioEye apart from its competitors.”

    Nicolas I.

    Developer at SchoolPointe Inc.

    Let’s build an inclusive digital future, together.

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