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A Comprehensive Guide on Accessible Web Design

Want an accessible website but don't know where to start?

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As business owners, web developers, and designers begin to address website accessibility, it can be difficult to find trustworthy resources to turn to for guidance. AudioEye developed this ebook to explain accessible web design, why it's important, and provide guidance on best practices to follow.


Accessible web design is the practice of designing a website in a way that people with disabilities can easily navigate, consume, and interact with its content. The ebook goes in-depth on seven fundamental components of accessible web design to help you design and develop your own website, with a quick reference checklist to get you started. We hope you’ll find the content useful and feel inspired to create an accessible online experience for all your customers.

What's Included

  • Chapter 1: Web Color Accessibility
  • Chapter 2: Website Architecture Accessibility
  • Chapter 3: Web Content Accessibility
  • Chapter 4: Universal Design and Accessibility
  • Chapter 5: Link Accessibility
  • Chapter 6: Media Accessibility
  • Chapter 7: Document Accessibility