AudioEye A11iance Team

At AudioEye, we work with a team of testers to learn from their firsthand experiences of using assistive technologies, like screen readers, so we can better understand their unique challenges and continuously improve on our web accessibility solutions.

Who The A11iance Is

Collage of four people in varying ages, genders, races, and abilities with an accessibility icon the AudioEye logo.

Who The A11iance Is

Our A11iance community is made up of a group of people with varying disabilities and backgrounds. Currently and in the past we’ve tested with low-and-no vision users, users with cerebral palsy, keyboard-only users, users with limited mobility, and colorblind users. Our testers are equally as varied in their experiences outside of testing with AudioEye; our group consists of singers, writers, medical advocates, teachers, trainers and customer service workers. Some have worked professionally as testers, while some are new to the process with AudioEye.

Work In Action

See some of the A11iance’s work in our Making Accessibility Visible series.

Read about the series

A11iance Advocates

Our A11iance Advocates are a group of individuals who have been testing with AudioEye for a significant amount of time and assist in spreading the word about new testing opportunities, platform updates, AudioEye news and more. Our advocates receive a small monthly stipend for their time. All opinions expressed are their own.

Current Advocates

Ana Jacob

  • Age: 18 to 34
  • Disability Type: Visual, Mobility
  • AT: VoiceOver, Wheelchair
  • Navigation: Only Keyboard
  • Profession: Unemployed
  • Hobby: Reading

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Charles Hiser

  • Age: 18 to 34
  • Disability Type: Visual
  • AT: JAWS, NVDA, Braille display
  • Navigation: Only Keyboard
  • Profession: A11y Tester
  • Hobby: Cooking

Sammie Shipman

  • Age: 18 to 34
  • Disability Type: Visual
  • AT: JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver
  • Navigation: Keyboard or touchscreen
  • Profession: Patient Advocate
  • Hobby: Fun with 12 yo guide dog, Mozart, surfing, swimming, singing
Chris, a white male with brown hair, who is blind

“Accessibility really doesn’t have to be this hard, scary thing. If you take some steps and do this today, your website will stand out as being exemplary.”


Internet Security Professional

Join The A11iance

We’re always looking to expand our testing community. If you are located in the U.S. and use accessible technology to access the internet and like sharing your opinions via Zoom, please consider joining us for a session by filling out the Interest Form.

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