AudioEye for Dealerships

Thousands of auto dealers use AudioEye's automation, expertise, and legal support to create inclusive customer experiences and help manage legal risks.

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Product & Services Overview

Automated Monitoring & Fixes

Four people from a web agency looking at a computer monitor for digital accessibility

Automated Monitoring & Fixes

AudioEye's automation continuously finds and fixes a majority of common issues, significantly reducing the burden on people.

AudioEye Automation


Over 67% of known WCAG violations


The majority of detected violations


Continuously and in real-time


Leveraging a huge database of fixes to improve the automation

Expert Assistance

Man in a suit sitting at a laptop looking at a callout from the AudioEye portal representing accessibility issues found by our technology

Expert Assistance

For errors automation can’t detect, our experts audit website templates, provide custom fixes, and recommend fixes to help with ongoing accessibility.

AudioEye Services


Experts review the templates offered by the dealer’s website provider to find additional errors


Code custom fixes into the templates


Provide details to the dealer’s website provider on more complex issues


Work closely with the dealer’s provider to continually prioritize and improve accessibility

24/7 Help Desk

Man smiling in headset at laptop taking support call, surrounded by plus sign icons and arrows.

24/7 Help Desk

AudioEye's Premium Support allows site visitors to report accessibility issues in real-time. We prioritize these issues to be fixed quickly.

AudioEye Advanced Legal Support

  • Documented Testing and Fixes

    Documented proof of your commitment to digital accessibility with our sustainable testing and remediation (STAR) plan.
    These documents can be provided in response to legal action to help reduce cost or eliminate the action.

  • Custom Legal Response

    Custom response, useful when clients enter settlement and negotiation conversations.
    Our clients have consistently received significantly fewer demand letters, cases that reach litigation, and reduced or eliminated settlement costs.