Ally Platform Product Suite

Auditing, Training, and Consulting

AudioEye assists customers adopting the Digital Accessibility Platform in conforming with WCAG 2.0 AA.

AudioEye Auditing, Training, and Consulting Services Include:

  • Identify and prioritize issues of accessibility
  • Define source remediation techniques
  • Responsive Design Testing
  • UI / Style Guide Color Contrast Analysis
  • Technical Analysis & Functional Usability Testing (Manual Testing) using Assistive Technologies
    • Detailed functional use-case testing conducted by Assistive Technologies (AT) testers and individuals with disabilities.
      • Potential AT / Browser testing combinations include (but not limited to) the following use-cases:
        • Jobs Access with Speech (JAWS) with Chrome and Internet Explorer
        • VoiceOver with Chrome and Safari (OS)
        • VoiceOver with Safari (iOS)
        • Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) with Firefox
        • Talkback with Chrome (Android)
  • Inclusive design advice, best practices, and ad hoc design review
  • Incremental access to developers for assistance with the implementation of violation remediation & the validation of applied fixes
  • Assistance with accessibility software
    • Provide techniques for proper usability testing utilizing accessibility tools
  • Consultation related to compliance policy questions pertaining to Section 508, CVAA, or other similar national and international accessibility/disability related legislation & regulations
  • If applicable, provide oversight and guidance in coordination with any regulatory persons or bodies in charge of validating Client’s path to and ongoing strategy for achieving and maintaining compliance over time
  • If applicable, assist Client in identifying third-party vendor compliance issues and communicating compliance conformance strategy with third-party vendors who are being leveraged in ways that negatively impact the Client’s level of conformance
  • Help Desk Support – phone, email, and virtual meetings

If you would like to learn more about our Auditing, Training, and Consulting Services, please contact us.