Headshot of Bahzad Ballout

Bahzad Ballout

Digital Accessibility Consultant

In addition to working as an accessibility tester for AudioEye, Bahzad serves as the technical specialist at Vanward Consulting Services. Providing assistive technology training to adults and students complements his second role, which involves talking to blind and low-vision high school graduates about their future. Being participants in a program called Lean In!, they learn about everything from social media branding to having effective interviews, with the end goal being summer internships. Acting as an employment partner, he meets with them regularly to discuss topics like classroom accommodations, as well as useful apps and websites. His principal duty, however, focuses on providing guidance after each online workshop by revising cover letters, affirming concepts, and making suggestions prior to a practice interview.

Bahzad is fluent in three languages, plays keyboard, and enjoys reading and taking walks. He fervently hopes for a fully accessible world and endeavors to help make this hope a reality.