Product IDProduct NameMSRP PriceGSA PriceSLP Contract Price
DAP-ADigital Accessibility Platform (DAP) Annual Agency License, Unlimited Users$68,861$63,760$61,957
DAP-TDigital Accessibility Platform (DAP) Annual Project License, Up to 10 Users$34,387$31,840$30,948
DAP-PDigital Accessibility Platform (DAP) Annual Team License, Up to 20 Users$12,928$11,970$11,635
DAP-EDigital Accessibility Platform (DAP) Remediation Overlay Engineer$278$257$250
AE-ENGAudioEye Remediation Engineer$293$264
AE-MS-SMEAudioEye Managed Service – Subject Matter Expert$312$288$281
AE-MS-TAudioEye Managed Service – Tester$174$162$157
AE-MS-IAudioEye Managed Service – Implementer$208$185$187
AE-MS-DAudioEye Managed Service – UI Analysis Designer$136$126$122
AE-MS-PMAudioEye Managed Service – Project Manager$162$150$146
AE-MS-DAudioEye Managed Service – Manual Document Remediation$157$146$122
ALLY-GAlly Annual License Gold – Up to 125 Unique Page Templates, Up to 10 Million Monthly Requests$213,419$197,610$197,077
ALLY-SAlly Annual License Silver – Up to 100 Unique Page Templates, Up to 5 Million Monthly Requests$194,017$179,646$174,615
ALLY-BRAlly Annual License Bronze – Up to 75 Unique Page Templates, Up to 3 Million Monthly Requests$155,214$143,716$139,693
ALLY-RAlly Annual License Red – Up to 50 Unique Page Templates, Up to 1 Million Monthly Requests$116,410$107,787$104,769
ALLY-WAlly Annual License White – Up to 35 Unique Page Templates, Up to 1 Million Monthly Requests$77,607$71,858$69,846
ALLY-BLAlly Annual License Blue – Up to 20 Unique Page Templates, Up to 1 Million Monthly Requests$38,803$35,929$34,923
ALLY-10Ally Provision 10 Unique Page Templates$19,591$18,140$17,623
ALLY-5MAlly Add 5 Million Monthly Requests$1,118$1,036$1,006
ALLY-1MAlly Add 1 Million Monthly Requests$336$311$302
ALLY-L1Ally Managed Service -Maintenance Hosting Level 1$30,000$27,750$27,000
ALLY-L2Ally Managed Service -Maintenance Hosting Level 2$50,000$46,250$46,000
ALLY-L3Ally Managed Service -Maintenance Hosting Level 3$100,000$92,500$90,000
ALLY-L4Ally Managed Service -Maintenance Hosting Level 4$150,000$138,750$135,000
DRS-D-HDocument Remediation Services – Dynamic (High Complexity)$60,000$55,200$54,000
DRS-D-MDocument Remediation Services – Dynamic (Mid Complexity)$40,000$36,800$36,000
DRS-D-LDocument Remediation Services – Dynamic (Low Complexity)$18,000$16,560$16,200
DRS-D-AMDocument Remediation Services – Dynamic – Annual Maintenance$12,000$11,040$10,800
DRS-SDocument Remediation Services – Static – Per page$29$27$26
DRS-SFDocument Remediation Services – Static Form – Per Page$68$63$61
DRS-SAHDDocument Remediation Services – Static – Annual Hosting and Delivery$12,000$11,040$10,800
MANAGED-25MAnnual License – Up to 25 Million Monthly Page Views Per Domain$213,419$191,077
MANAGED-5MAnnual License – Up to 5 Million Monthly Page Views Per Domain$194,017$174,615
MANAGED-1MAnnual License – Up to 1 Million Monthly Page Views Per Domain$155,214$139,693
MANAGED-250KAnnual License – Up to 250K Monthly Page Views Per Domain$116,410$104,769
MANAGED-50KAnnual License – Up to 50K Monthly Page Views Per Domain$77,067$69,360
MANAGED-10KAnnual License – Up to 10K Monthly Page Views Per Domain$38,803$34,923
MANAGED-10TMANAGED Provision 10 Unique templates (For Renewal Only)$19,591$17,632
MANAGED-KIOSK-CAnnual License Kiosk – Master Config$193,425$174,082
MANAGED-KIOSK-UAnnual License Kiosk – Per Unit$3,868$3,482
DRS-S-100KDocument Remediation – Static – 100,000 Pages$2,886,000$2,597,400
DRS-S-25KDocument Remediation – Static – 25,000 Pages$749,250$674,325
DRS-S-5KDocument Remediation – Static – 5,000 Pages$155,400$139,860
DRS-S-500Document Remediation – Static – 500 Pages$16,650$14,985
DRS-SF-5KDocument Remediation – Static Form- 5000 Pages$344,100$309,690
DRS-SF-500Document Remediation – Static Form- 500 Pages$35,520$31,968
DRS-SF-100Document Remediation – Static Form- 100 Pages$7,215$6,494
APP-AApplication Product – Report and Recommend Report per web or mobile app$38,850$34,965