Trusted Process, Holistic Approach

Our AI-powered accessibility platform and team of experts provide full-coverage support needed to ensure your website is compliant—keeping you protected from legal risk.

Our Approach

Advanced AI

  • 400+ Automated Tests
  • Smart Fixes to Common Errors
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Patented Accessibility Software

Expert Touch

  • Certified Accessibility Experts
  • Manual Site Evaluations
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • STAR Plan for Legal Support

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Accessibility Journey


Our comprehensive, AI-powered testing gives real-time insights into the errors your site visitors are encountering.


Our easy-to-understand reporting allows you to quickly see the improvements AudioEye has made on your site and the extent of remaining errors.


Our patented algorithms automatically fix the most common and unique accessibility errors. Our team of IAAP-certified experts is always ready to step in when needed.


Websites are dynamic and can change frequently. Our Live Monitoring system scans your site with every visit, identifying accessibility errors and performing real-time remediations that update your Accessibility Score.

Features For You

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Easy Steps To Add AudioEye

Simple instructions explaining how to install AudioEye’s JavaScript line of code onto your website’s platform. Once installed, our Platform immediately starts working—identifying errors on your site and applying fixes to many of the most common issues using our patented AI.

Ready to get started on your accessibility journey?

New Portal & Toolbar

New Portal & Toolbar

Our new Portal and Toolbar are completely redesigned to give you more accurate insight into your website’s digital accessibility and better tools for an improved experience with your site content.

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We have the peace of mind that our digital properties are accessible to everyone in the community, and to a standard that goes far beyond the minimum requirements of Title II and Section 508.”

Daniel Jones

Chief Information Officer

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