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How AudioEye Works

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    Automation tests for over 400 accessibility issues

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    We fix most accessibility issues automatically

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    Continuously monitor and protect for compliance

Step 1: Find

For each person who visits your site, our automation runs a battery of tests (over 400 of them) to find accessibility errors and risks that prevent people with disabilities from understanding or interacting with your site.

Automated Testing

Illustration of a website with accessibility error indicators on different elements and a magnifying glass on top

Automated Testing

  • We find the most accessibility issues of any automation solution in the industry.
  • Our technology is built on 15+ years of expert knowledge in the accessibility space, which allows us to find many issues that others can’t.
  • Our lightweight code runs for each site visitor to ensure the best accessibility in real-time. Most competitors only run a few times a day at best.

Step 2: Fix

AudioEye automatically fixes many accessibility issues while the page loads, helping you meet many of the WCAG requirements for every visitor. This helps people with disabilities to access your content and reduces the risk of a costly lawsuit.

Automated Fixes

Illustration of a website split in half where the left side shows an inaccessible experience and the other side shows an accessible experience

Automated Fixes

  • We fix the most accessibility issues of any automation solution in the industry (over 2x most competitors).
  • We provide a 24/7 Help Desk where users can send feedback directly to our certified experts.

Step 3: Monitor

AudioEye continuously monitors your site for new accessibility issues with every visitor. As your site content changes, our technology will continue to find and fix issues automatically. The Accessibility Score will update in real time to reflect how your site is doing.

Active Monitoring

A web browser with a dashboard open and a line graph to represent data and analytics from live site monitoring

Active Monitoring

  • Our Accessibility Score takes each visited page into consideration, and was designed for accuracy by our IAAP certified experts.
  • Active monitoring refreshes with each site visitor, maintaining a real-time representation of your site’s accessibility. Our competitors refresh on a much slower cadence, leaving the site vulnerable to new accessibility issues.
  • Reporting features help you keep track of recent scans and fixes.

We Have Your Back

From the moment you install AudioEye, you’ll have access to our powerful automation technology and, depending upon your services, certified experts on staff. You will have the best automated protection for ADA, WCAG, Section 508, AODA guidelines and more.

  • STAR Plan

    Sustainable Testing and Remediation Plan supports compliance

  • Legal Protection

    AudioEye will assist if you are challenged with legal action

  • Trusted Certification

    Proof of your commitment to digital accessibility for your website

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Unlike competitors, AudioEye provides a robust accessibility solution with 24/7 website monitoring, manual and automatic fixes, and website certification.”

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